Question: Does the Excalibur Convertible have a top?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do your vintage and classic cars have Air Conditioning (A/C)?
Answer: Yes. All cars also have heat for winter.

Question: What is the longest distance you are willing to travel with these cars?
Answer: We service all areas of North Carolina. The client is responsible for paying travel time charges.

Question: Can we drive the cars ourselves? 
Answer: NO. Our insurance will not allow that.

Question: How far in advance should I book one of your vintage cars?
Answer: We do "same year" bookings, which means if we are in 2016, you can only book a 2016 date. Our rates change periodically, so we cannot quote past the current year.

Question: I am planning a very unique event, who should I talk to about my needs?
Answer: Just give us a call at 919-368-0659. We will be glad to help.

Question: Our hotel is only a few miles from our wedding venue, can we purchase 30 minutes of service or less?
Answer: No. It's just not feasible to operate these vehicles for less than our minimum service fee.

Question: We are planning a "Send Off" after the reception, but returning to the same hotel. Can you do this?
Answer: Yes. We do this very often.

Question: Do you rent these cars for photo shoots?
Answer: Sometimes we do, at our discretion.

CALL US - (919) 368-0659